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Pay What You Can Visualisations

We’re experiencing an unprecedented amount of stress in our day to day lives. 

To learn how stress creates unnecessary challenges, and how doing visualisations like these stimulates a relaxation response to combat the effects of stress, what the video until 4 min 16.

After 4:16 I share more details about the individual audios as below:

  • Until 4:16 general info
  • 4:32 upper, lower and whole body visualisation (coming soon)
  • 5:20 breathing/diaphragm visualisation (available below)
  • 6:08 energising visualisation (a bit more ‘woo’) 
  • 7:33 the bubble visualisation (also a bit more ‘woo’)

Use These Audio Visualisations to Manage the MANY Effects of Stress

It is SO important to manage stress levels. 

Stress has been shown:

  • to suppress our immune response (and we NEED our immune response),
  • negatively affect our ability to think/process,
  • make our digestion worse, and
  • even affect our sleep, skin, and stomach fat. 

We have been using these visualisations to help our clients finish sessions relaxed for years, and now we’re making them available as pay-what-you-can so you can get additional support during this incredibly difficult time.

These visualisations will help you:

  • relax tense muscles (the upper and lower body relaxation visualisations)
  • bring your deep breath back and relax you to help you get a good night’s sleep (breathing visualisation)
  • relax specific muscles that are getting tight from day to day overuse (general & targeted body relaxation)
  • re-energise you (energising visualisation)
  • create a bubble around you to help protect your energy during the day (bubble visualisation)

They are pay-what-you-can so they’re accessible to EVERYONE, regardless of income. 

The minimum is £1, and we recommend £5 (but it’s fine to pay less). Of course, if you would like to help us support our therapists at this time and are able to pay me, we are extremely grateful.

You can purchase the full bundle below (all current & future visualisations) or choose the one that sounds most like what you need right now. 

Breathing Visualisation: (woo level: 2)

When we’re stressed we regularly breathe into our chest – like, up into our chest with our neck muscles.

This visualisation helps you switch to diaphragmatic breathing. Deepening your breath stimulates the vagus nerve, essential for your body’s function. 

It stimulates your relaxation response, important to your immune response and your ability to think, while making it easier to take deep breaths and getting oxygen throughout your body.

After our clients use this breathing visualisation, they report feeling that it was easier to breathe, feeling more relaxed, and feeling more space in their neck and their shoulders. 

breathing visualisation

“I wasn’t sure how much difference it would make, but after listening to the visualisation just once I felt like it was easier to breathe and that I had more space in my chest and my neck and shoulders felt relaxed”

– Aiden

Energising Visualisation: (Woo level: 7)

If you’re anything like me, you’re running around taking care of EVERYONE but yourself. 

If you’re not careful, this will leave you feeling defeated and drained at the end of the day. 

With our energising visualisation, you’ll fill your cells with a golden energy that nourishes and revives any part of you that feels worn out or depleted. 

This is perfect for before bed or if you need a time out in the middle of your day to gather your energy to get back up and keep going.

energising visualisation

Bubble Visualisation: (Woo level: 7)

You don’t have to be an HSP to be picking up the anxiety/stress/panic of the world.

If you are an empath/sensitive the frantic energy around us can easily get to be too much – or we forget to protect our energy.

This protective bubble visualisation allows you to create and/or reinforce your energetic bubble to help you separate your own worry with the worry from the rest of the world.

When we’re protecting our energy we’re better able to show up and help people around us. 

This is a great visualisation to do at the beginning of your day as part of your morning ritual.

bubble visualisation

Coming soon:

Upper body relaxing visualisation

Lower body relaxing visualisation

Whole body/specific issue relaxing visualisation

All Visualisations Bundle: 

You can also purchase access to all our visualisations. 

Click here to purchase all our visualisations and you’ll get access to a page to download all our visualisations, including some coming soon. 

This is also pay what you can, but we recommend £20 for the full bundles of visualisations, with a minimum of £10. 

Thank you so, so, so much for your support. 

If you’d like something free, check out our weekly calm email – it includes free resource to manage stress every week. 

Please Share

If you know anyone who might find these stress-relieving, relaxation-inducing visualisations helpful, we’d be so grateful if you shared this page on your social media, with your friends, family, anyone who might find these useful. 

You can click on individual visualisations to purchase, or you can purchase all our visualisations as a bundle (recommended rate for the bundle is £20). 

Thank you so much for your support during this time, and we hope that these visualisations help you stay calm as much as possible. 

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