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If you manage a small team, or run a wellbeing department for a business, you’re aware of the kind of productivity drop you get when people are stressed and/or in pain.

That gets even worse when people have to be working from home in less than ideal work setups, some of them isolated from coworkers or their normal social life. 

Our work breaks are specifically for small groups of coworkers to mobilise their joints, stretch tight muscles that are overworking in poor posture, and refresh your brain during the work day. 

These are available for anyone who’s worried about their staff having negative consequences from prolonged unplanned work from home, whether that’s a team manager or staff wellbeing program. 

We’ve been working with deskworkers for a decade and know which muscles need to be stretched, which need to be strengthened, and which joints need to be moved to help reduce and prevent the most common desk-related strain injuries. 

If you’d like to book a one-off or a regular weekly session for your team, please fill out the registration below and we’ll arrange one for you. 

Deskworker work break: 30 minutes of gentle movement (at your desk), stretches, and posture adjustment and exercises to loosen up your neck, shoulders, upper back and make it easier to get back to work. Working from home encourages even worse posture, so take a work break to make better posture easier and refresh your mind so you’re able to sit back down and re-focus.

Full body wake up: Get up and get blood flowing in your legs, arms, and back into your head. Sitting and working from home all day makes you feel sluggish, and our full body wake up will not only make it easier to sit in good posture it will help your muscles remember to work, too. 

Runner/cycling stretching session: Give some extra attention to the muscles that you never stretch as much as you should, with personalised feedback to make sure you’re not accidentally doing more harm than good.

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