One-to-One Video Sessions

We’ve closed face to face appointments during coronavirus, but we’re still offering appointments – via video. 

If you’d like help with a specific muscle-related ache or pain, or help decreasing the effects of stress on your muscles/body, you can book your video session online below.

While it does miss some of the benefits of an in person massage, it does have some of its own perks. 

In a one to one session, we’ll:

  • do a posture & movement assessment depending on the goal for your session
  • walk you through 3-4 stretches or self-massage techniques that target the imbalances to address your issues. 
  • finish with a 3-5 minute relaxing visualisation to help you get a similar relaxation response from the video as you do from an in person session. 

Wondering what it’s like? Here’s a testimonial from the first person who had our video sessions. 

Heidi first came to the clinic because knee pain was interrupting her marathon training, and was the first client who had a video session when we had to close due to Coronavirus. In that session I walked her through stretches and foam rolling to release the muscles I would have done in a face to face session.

When we finished her knee pain / restriction felt 70% better. We’re continuing our video sessions while we’re closed to help her prepare for events later in the year, covering both activation exercises and self-care stretches she can use as part of her training.

Here’s what she thought about the video session:

Other Testimonials:

“Well I have now had 4 sessions and it has been a great experience. Katherine is able to check my posture and do the normal assessment. Of course, it is different – Katherine talks me through stretches or where to focus for muscle releases, in a tailored way to what problem is being looked at. I have been really impressed with the results from the focussing exercises and have had tension released in my neck, shoulders and back which combined with exercises I have been able to maintain at home.” – Sarah, neck, shoulder & lower back pain
“I was worried that it would be hard to articulate the pain I was experiencing and get effective treatment remotely. Having had a number of distance sessions during lockdown in place of a monthly hands-on massages, I would say it’s been a really valuable experience as it’s given me some great tools and techniques and has given me the confidence to self-massage in between sessions. 

What has been great about the distance sessions is that the therapist patiently spends time identifying the exact problem muscle groups and assesses you throughout the session, and I have come away from the sessions with the similar level of relief as I might have had from a massage. I do miss being massaged, but I’m looking forward to bringing those learned elements into my daily routine alongside massages after lockdown!”Georgia, shoulder pain

Book a Video Session Online

*New clients: if you’ve never been to the clinic before, please first book a free Pre-First Video Session Call. It’s a 10-minute consultation so we can be sure there’s a good chance you’ll get the outcome you’re looking for from the session.  


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