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Working from home can be challenging, especially if you’re dealing with a less-than-ideal work setup. Browse our free videos and articles of how you can take care of your body while working from home. 

For more support, choose from low-cost options like visualisations or online workshops to one-to-one specialised massage therapy sessions, MOT’s and our VIP Intensive Package.

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Free Articles

Premium Services

Specialised Sport & Remedial Massage Video Sessions

One-to-one sessions with our professional therapists who develop a plan for each session around your goals.

MOT + Report Video Sessions

Excellent for a first or one-off session, get a general check based on your day to day life and a report of what we found & self-care advice.

VIP Intensive Package

If it's time to do something about your recurrent ache or pain and you want to throw everything at it, you may want our intensive package.

Does 'good' posture feel awkward? Get our free, 7-min training

Low cost Options

Low cost clinic

We set aside a number of sessions - whether we're video or in person - for our low cost clinic. For details & how to apply, click below.

Online Workshops

Our online workshops will help your posture feel easier, or give you stretches to reduce the tension in your body, all from the comfort of your own home.

Pay what you want visualisations

Our visualisations will help you improve your breathing (reducing neck tension), relax specific areas of tension, and more. For details and to purchase, click below.

Free videos for work - from - home

In our articles & videos, we love explaining our theories (and how we came to them, including research & our clinical experience) and analogies about why our body feels the way it does. When you understand why it’s happening, it feels a lot more manageable.

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