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Our therapists all have one thing in common:

We love helping clients achieve their pain-free goals.

If you’re deciding who to see, you can ‘meet’ each therapist below. 

Ailish @ SJS/ Walthamstow

Ailish photo
    • BA in Dance Studies
    • Level 3 in Sports Massage
    • Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists
    • CNHC-Registered
    • Dance teacher
Ailish first fell in love with sports massage while studying dance, having had an almost-miraculous improvement (as she describes it) in her leg pain after her first session.  Ailish fully embraced the clinic’s unique approach to bodywork when she joined over a year ago, helping clients reduce muscle-related pain and discomfort with massage and gentle exercise & stretches. In her spare time she continues dancing, cycling and running, as well as volunteering pre- and post-event massages for various charities. If you’d like to learn more about Ailish you can see her therapist intro video on our facebook page here.  Ailish is available at Walthamstow on Mondays & Thursdays 1-7, Fridays 10-4, and alternate Saturday 10-2. If you’d like to book a session with her, click here to go to our online booking page. 

You can see all our testimonials on our testimonial page, but we like to include one on our team page so you get a feel for what clients say. 

“I always leave my in-person sessions with Ailish feeling better, stronger and more informed about how to look after my body.” – Cat, knee pain, calf & ITB tension, neck & shoulder pain

“What has been great about the distance sessions is that the therapist patiently spends time identifying the exact problem muscle groups and assesses you throughout the session, and I have come away from the sessions with the similar level of relief as I might have had from a massage.” – Georgia, shoulder pain

Aiden @ Angel/ Islington

    • Swedish Massage
    • Sports Massage
    • Reflexology
    • Indian Head Massage
    • Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists
    • CNHC-Registered

Aiden qualified in massage therapy in 2012 after leaving a career in corporate finance. He draws on his experience in multiple modalities (reflexology, Swedish, Indian Head Massage, sports massage) to create a unique experience for our clients who visit him at Angel. 

Having spent years at a desk he’s acutely aware of how hard the office environment can be on the body. He knows ‘sports’ massage isn’t just for sports people, and loves helping clients with imbalances from office / other work-related and general day-to-day activities.

In his spare time, he loves staying up to date with technology & gaming, as an early adopter of tech like smart watches and payment rings. 

If you’d like to see his introduction interview you’ll find it here on our facebook page. Aiden is currently at our Angel location on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon/evenings and alternate Saturdays. Click here to go to our online booking page & book a session with him.

You can see all our testimonials on our testimonial page, but we like to include one on our team page so you get a feel for what clients say. 

“Aiden provides excellent professional treatment, care and advice. He creates a calm and relaxed environment that is friendly and client-focused. I had a lot of pain in my back and shoulders, which has now been relieved through massage sessions and mobility is so much better.” – May, pain & loss of mobility in shoulders

Katherine, Founder & Principal Therapist

    • Level 5 Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy
    • Swedish Massage
    • Remedial Massage
    • Myofascial Release
    • Visceral Manipulation VM-1 & VM-2
    • Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists
    • CNHC-Registered

Katherine founded Leyton Sports Massage in 2010, intent on helping as many people reduce their day to day pain & keep doing the activities they love as possible. Over time, the approach at the clinic became more and more defined, and one of her favourite client compliments is ‘I’m never having a ‘normal’ massage again’. 

Katherine focuses on understanding the source of any problems along with a holistic, structural approach to bodywork so changes are made quickly and last as long as possible. This approach, along with targeted home care, work towards clients’ long and short-term goals. Her clients come to her to stay in top form for their sport, to take care of the muscle-related discomfort from day-to-day life, or to aid recovery following soft tissue damage, either from injuries or operations.

Katherine splits her time running the clinic, seeing clients, spending time with her family including two Minecraft & Fortnite-obsessed boys and creating resources for clients on the clinic’s website and YouTube channel. 

You can see all our testimonials on our testimonial page, but we like to include one on our team page so you get a feel for what clients say. 

*testimonial coming soon*


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