No Pain at Work

Ever feel like your computer is trying to stab you in the back?

(oh wait, maybe that's just your neck or back pain)

Having aches & pains working from home or at a computer ISN'T inevitable.

Whether you have a little bit of a neck ache from time to time, tired shoulders, or achy back;

Or you’ve had a sharp pain in your shoulder for months, or can’t fully turn your head, 

We want to help you feel better, and show you how to stay better.

Hi, I'm Katherine

I created No Pain at Work because I want to take the work we do in clinic every day, and give it to clients to refer back to over and over again to help them get as close to pain-free as possible. 

Since 2010 I’ve worked with hundreds of computer-based clients on their upper body issues, and taken everything I learned and put it into the No Pain at Work course and Intensive Packages. 

If you’d like to learn why you get aches, pains & niggles at your desk, how your stress, posture, and breathing are related and how to manage your upper body issues in only a few minutes a day, we’d love to help you. 

How bad is it right now?

Most people don’t start with a neck spasm or stabbing shoulder pain.

It starts small, an ache in the upper back here, a tiredness in the shoulders there. 

After weeks, or months, usually during a more stressful or intense time, it will flare up – this is often when we hear from clients, who can’t move their neck or lift their arm. 

Even without immediate help, it will often go away again, eventually – but never quite back to perfect, still with a shadow of pain or restriction, and almost always returns.

Some things you should know:

The longer you wait to do something, the more ingrained it becomes and the more work, time and effort it takes to make it better.

The earlier you do something, the faster results you get (and the less effort you need).

This isn’t just about not feeling an ache or a pain – it’s about feeling lighter, freer, and more energised (i.e., even when our clients didn’t feel discomfort, they felt VERY different without the muscle tension).

Even if it goes away on its own, the tension is almost always still there, feeling heavier, restrictive, distracting… 

Some of the best solutions are quick and easy and only need a few tweaks – this isn’t about overhauling everything or doing hours of stretches and exercises every day.

Maybe you've already tried...

Maybe you’ve been to physios who gave you a list of exercises as long as your arms, but you either never did them, tried to do them but they were too confusing, or tried to do them and found they just didn’t work for you. 

Maybe you’ve had massages that helped for, like a week (or a minute) but you never understood why it was happening in the first place and never felt like you were getting to the bottom of everything.

Maybe you’ve worked with people who helped initially, but after a while it just stopped working. 

And maybe you’re kind of like… well, what else is there?

Client Testimonial

Laura, who had both chronic neck & shoulder pain (for 10 years) and knee pain, says this:

“I wasn’t expecting to have my knee fixed, I had gone in with neck pain and they managed to fix both!”

I had recurrent neck stiffness, headaches, pain under my shoulder blades and tight traps for most of my working life – about 10 years. I also had knee pain, which I got whenever I ran further than a couple of kilometres. At that point, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to fix my neck pain without giving up my desk job. I had seen countless massage therapists, osteopaths and physiotherapists which all gave me short term relief but never fixed the underlying problem. For my knee, I’d seen one of the top osteopaths in the City and while he identified the problem, he told me that the best option was to stop running and the pain would go away.

My neck is feeling so much better and I now know how to fix the problem when tension arises without having to resort to massage. People have even commented on how much better my posture is. Following my treatment I’ve taken up running again. So far I’ve run 5 miles pain-free. It’s brought back so much enjoyment to exercise! I wasn’t expecting to have my knee fixed, I had gone in with neck pain and they managed to fix both!

There's... No Pain at Work DIY or VIP Intensive

Choose from lifetime access to our DIY No Pain at Work online course or get additional support with a 2 or 3 month VIP Intensive Packages. 

No Pain at Work DIY

NPAW DIY is an online course that gives you the tools and information you need to understand:

      • why is desk posture so awkward?
      • why aren’t the stretches I’m doing working?
      • how much time am I actually supposed to be spending on self-care?
      • what equipment do I actually need?
      • what IS good posture, anyway?
      • why is my problem always so much worse when I’m stressed?
      • and more.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, tested & streamlined over the last decade working with hundreds of computer users, and put it together in easy-to-follow video modules. 

At the end of the course, you’ll know how to take care of your specific issues in only a few minutes a day, how to stretch effectively, and the exact stretches and exercises you need to focus on.

Not only that, but you’ll understand the connection between breathing, stress, and muscle tension, and why you can’t get better in your muscles if you’re not addressing all three. 


VIP Intensive

If you’d like more support, if your complaint is longer-term or more chronic, or if you simply don’t want to do it on your own, we also have a VIP Intensive Package. 

You’ll get lifetime access to No Pain at Work with all the bonuses included, but you’ll also get:

      • 5 or 7** x 60 minute sessions where we create a plan to address what’s bothering you 
      • full initial and final report 
      • Self-Care Blueprint – a personalised plan of which exercises you’ll do when and what specific ache or pain each stretch or exercise is for
      • 6 months of our exercise prescription software to remind you to do your exercises with any variations we’ve prescribed
      • unlimited email support
      • your choice of 121 voice support or 15-min between-session video calls with your therapist for any questions that may arise
      • and a couple of surprises 😉 

**Usually the packages are for 4 and 6 sessions, but during lockdown we’re offering an extra video session for each package – only available during lockdown

3 Month VIP Intensive

personalised support
£ 597
  • everything in NPAW DIY
  • 6* x 60 min sessions over 3 months
  • 6 months exercise prescription
  • Initial report + treatment plan
  • Self-care blueprint
  • VIP Support - emergency calls or voice support

2 Month VIP Intensive

personalised support
£ 497
  • everything in NPAW DIY
  • 4* x 60 min sessions over 2 months
  • 6 months exercise prescription
  • Initial report + treatment plan
  • Self-care blueprint
  • VIP Support - emergency calls or voice support

No Pain at Work DIY

online course lifetime access
£ 197
  • Modules on better posture, how to breathe, and effective stretching
  • Stretches & exercises to reduce muscle tension and make posture easier
  • Self-assessment formula - only do 2-3 exercises / stretches at any one time
  • Bonus FB support group
  • 4 Guided visualisations

Client Testimonial

Sarah, who suffered with a chronic neck pain & spasm, says:

I had been suffering with a reoccurring neck problem, which would leave me in a lot of pain and fairly immobile. I spent a long time thinking it was a trapped nerve. However, after seeing LSM, I found out it was a muscle problem and even after just one session the pain eased and I was able to move my head! I took a course of sessions over about two months and haven’t looked back, they were also able to show me how I could improve the muscle strength in my neck/back in order to help prevent any reoccurrence. I would highly recommend LSM to anyone suffering from muscular tension and pain.

Is this for you?

No Pain at Work, Intensive OR DIY is for you if:

You don’t believe getting older HAS TO mean feeling more stiff and achy

You don’t believe working in front of a computer should doom you to upper body pain

You don’t want to spend hours on self care that you don’t really understand how it’s affecting your body

You want to understand the connection in your own body as to why things get niggly

You can find 1-2 hours every weekend to go through the course (specifically for NPAW DIY)

You’d love to be able to manage your stress better in the process

The VIP Intensive is for you if:

You’d like additional support to really throw everything at it 

You want to have personalised bodywork sessions that assess your imbalances and target muscle tension that is bothering you

You prefer to work with someone with 1:1 support vs doing it on your own

You’d like to have someone to ask questions to who really knows what’s going on with your muscles

Now is the perfect time for you to really reconnect to your body and be in touch with how it feels and how you can take better care of it


What happens after you join/apply:

If you enrol in No Pain at Work, you get immediate access to the course.

You’ll receive a welcome email with tips on how to make the most of the course, and after that a weekly email with which module/stretch/exercise to watch. 

You get lifetime access and all future updates. 

After you apply for the VIP Intensive:

We’ll be in touch in 1-2 working days to set up your free video consultation, where we’ll discuss your goal for the sessions and set up your appointments and access to the package extras. 

Coming soon...

I’m in the process of adding more client testimonials and FAQ’s. 

If there’s something you’d like to see here to give you more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out at or connect via the contact page.


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