Maintenance Massage

By far one of our most popular choices, many of our clients opt to come in for a massage at a regular interval, regardless of whether or not they feel any pain or tension. What is a maintenance massage, and why is it so popular?

What is a ‘Maintenance Massage’?

Massage for StressWe call a massage a ‘maintenance massage‘ simply if it’s a regularly-scheduled massage. The point of a maintenance massage is to keep an eye on how your muscles are doing and try to address any budding imbalances before they cause problems. It is also a good opportunity to be reminded of the self-maintenance exercises, stretches, and postural adjustments you have been given in previous sessions.

These intervals can be anywhere from fortnightly to every three months. The most popular option is monthly, the second is every six weeks.

In that session, we will either work on a slight niggle that may have come up since the last session, check in on historic problems, or do a full-body check to see how all the major muscles are doing. Just like every session at Leyton Sports Massage, it is designed around your goals for that session.

Who is a maintenance massage for?

Maintenance massage is pretty evenly split. People who work in an office, or have a stressful or physical job, or have small children, will find themselves doing repetitive movements that can, over time, build up muscle tension or imbalances that lead to pain or issues, and opt to have a maintenance massage to try and keep on top of it. People who train regularly, within a variety of sport such as weightlifting, running, cycling, or martial arts will opt for a maintenance massage alongside their training, to loosen overworked muscles and identify uneven patterns of movement so they can adjust their training accordingly.

I’d like maintenance massage, but I only need it every six weeks and I think I’ll forget!

ScheduleWe completely understand – it can be hard to plan ahead when life can be so unpredictable! As such we set up a ‘reminder system‘. If you sign up for this email, once a your chosen timeframe has passed you will get an email letting you know it’s been, for example, four weeks since your last massage, and giving you the option to re-book. If you don’t book an appointment, you won’t receive another one, so you don’t need to worry about getting too many emails! Reminder emails are available for four weeks, six weeks, two months or three months after your last session.

If you’d like to receive a reminder email, let your therapist know and we’ll sign you up in our system.

Maintenance massages are great for people who’d like to keep on top of what’s going on with their bodies. Of course, it’s not always possible to schedule something regularly and we have quite a few clients who come as and when they’d like to. Whatever works for you, we’ll discuss it with you at your session and design a plan that suits you.

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