Accessibility & Our Low Cost Clinic

At Leyton Sports Massage, one of our values is accessibility – this means that everyone should have access to resources to help them live pain-free.

To that end, we offer a few low cost or free resources to people where the cost of our regular sessions are out of reach.

They are, specifically:

  • Our free self-care tips and clinic updates newsletter
  • Resources on our website via our articles (we have had clients fix themselves with our series on topics like stretching or activation)
  • Free Facebook groups with resources and support for staying pain-free
  • Our free aches & pains clinic held a few times a month
  • Workshops
  • Low Cost Clinic – a number of off-peak slots allocated for clients who are unable to afford our normal rates

Scroll down to read more about each of these resources.

Free self-care tips and clinic updates newsletter

About once or twice a month I send an email with an article on ways to improve your self-maintenance.

These include new articles and sometimes sharing articles from previous years that are relevant now.

Free Facebook groups

The clinic runs two free facebook groups – one for pain-free desk working and one for runners, cyclists and triathlete.

In the groups you can ask questions about specific problems you’re having and we’ll share articles that will help you.

We also usually theme each month around one self-care or self-awareness activity (like breathing correctly, keeping your shoudlers down, warming up, etc).

Pain-Free Deskworkers is good for anyone who sits for a prolonged period of time as we talk about breahting, posture, neck and shoulder pain, and stress management.

LSM Runners, Cyclists & Tri is good for anyone who wants a better understanding of keeping their muscles healthy while training, warming up properly, how to condition their muscles effectively – basically anything muscle-related when it comes to exercise.

Click here to join the free Facebook group ‘Pain Free Deskworkers’ 

Click here to join the free Facebook group ‘LSM Runners, Cyclists, and Triathletes’


During the year we offer 90 minute workshops focusing on common areas our clients struggle with, such as glute activation, stretching, and foam rolling.

These workshops cover a lot of the self-care information we include in our one-on-one sessions, so can be a way to supplement your massage appointments.

Our workshops are currently paused due to the pandemic, but we can organise them for small groups on request, and will update once we are scheduling general ones again.

Low Cost Massage Slots

Because we are committed to a culture of inclusivity and accessibility, we have allocated a few slots each week for clients who either need and can’t afford the full price of a series of sessions, or who may be restricted in their income and need a lower price.

We allocate a certain number of sessions per week for our low cost clinic. If you’d like to apply for one of the slots, please click the link below to fill out the questionnaire so we can match you with the best therapist for your situation.

Fill in the low cost clinic questionnaire here

Low cost sessions are only available in one-hour slots, and the cost is £45.


Free Workshop

effective, pain-free foam rolling

Free Workshop

make good seated posture easier

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