Sonya is at Angel on Thursday afternoons and alternate Saturdays between Angel and Walthamstow. Here she shares more about herbal medicine and who might want to try it. To welcome Sonya to the team,  you can get 10% off your first consultation before the 30 November. 

herbal medicine in londonWhen you think of herbal medicine, do you think of strange-smelling potions and traditional Chinese medicine shops?

While herbal medicine has been around for centuries, and used traditionally all over the world, modern herbal medicine takes a more scientific approach.

Yes, it pulls from globally-recognised traditional uses of herbs.

It also draws on the latest research on herbs and their uses, the chemical properties of individual herbs, and modern medicine’s understanding of how illnesses affect the body.

You may be surprised that there is actually quite a bit of research around herbs and their use as medicine.

You may also be surprised that medical herbalists are trained in current medical practices and conditions as well as creating herbal remedies.

Holistic vs Symptomatic

herbal medicine is based on research and traditional usesOne of the most important underpinnings of modern herbal medicine is that it looks at you, the client, as a whole person.

You aren’t reduced to individual symptoms, given medicine to treat one symptom, and then when another symptom pops up, prescribed another medicine, with no consideration as to how it all works together.

In the first consultation, we take the time to go through your medical history, looking at a number of different factors to get a complete picture of where you are, health-wise. We look at your medical history, diet, lifestyle, and get an idea of how different systems are working, like your digestive and immune systems.

In some sessions we might also look at your blood pressure or do other physical assessments.

Having put together a full picture of your current state of health, we discuss an action plan for you, focusing on small, actionable steps, and in most cases I’ll recommend a preparation of herbal medicine to help support the systems that might need help.

What Herbal Medicine Can Help

In my experience, herbal medicine has helped people manage the symptoms of a wide variety of conditions.

This has included:

  • circulatory problems
  • skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis
  • hormonal issues
  • problems with digestive health
  • energy levels & stamina
  • some allergies
  • certain immune-related issues

For individual advice it’s best to have a one-on-one consultation so I’m able to take your specific situation into account.

Is There Research?

With any complementary therapy, the question always is, where’s the evidence (or even, is there evidence)?

I’m glad to say there’s a growing body of research into the use of herbal medicine.  This takes the forms of understanding the chemistry of plants and making applications based upon this but also random, controlled trials (comparative trials with groups of people either using placebo, medications or other herbs), which is the ‘gold standard’ of research by the scientific and medical communities.

For the more research-oriented readers, here’s a link to a summary of evidence around herbal medicine from the EHTPA.*

Your Herbal Preparation

herbal medicine in londonHerbal medicine can come in a number of forms.

The product itself can be made of different parts of the plant – whether it be the leaves, flowers, or roots, and can be taken as infusions (herbs steeped in water – like a tea), tinctures (alcohol-based preparations), powders, tablets and creams.

Sometimes you only need to take the preparation for a short time, until your systems are back in balance, other times people take them indefinitely to help manage more chronic problems.

Herbal medicine is inclusive of all plants, as well as specific herbal preparations, suggestions on foods that will be beneficial to you may also be made.

How many sessions?

As you can imagine, it’s hard to say how many sessions you’d need without knowing anything about your specific situation.

Things that determine how many sessions you’ll need include things like:

  • the specific problem you have
  • how long you’ve had it
  • how severe it is
  • whether you have any other medical conditions
  • your current health

Usually, once we have the initial consultation I’m able to give a better idea of what timeline you’d be looking at.


Your first appointment is an initial session, lasting 60-75 minutes, and is £70. Follow-up sessions are 30-45 minutes and are £55. I do offer a couple of packages, once we talk during your first consultation and have an idea of how many sessions you might need, we can look at whether a package may be beneficial for you.

The cost of preparations vary from person to person, and depend on factors like how many you have and how much you’re taking. The range of cost is usually around £8.50 a week. After our consultation, I prepare your herbs for a number of weeks (usually 2-8 weeks), and there’s an additional postage charge of around £6.

Herbal Medicine and Your GP

Herbal medicine is great to use alongside more orthodox medical care. As part of my training, I understand how herbs can support a variety of conditions, and I’m always happy to liaise with your primary care provider in management of any condition you may have.

In some cases, I may recommend that you have further investigations with your GP before we proceed further, depending on your presenting symptoms.

It’s also a good idea to tell your doctor about any herbal medicine you’re taking, so they can take that into account as they’re looking at medicine to prescribe you.

Ready to Book?

Click here to go to our online booking page. Choose our Angel location, then Herbal Medicine, to see what sessions are available. 

To claim the discount, don’t forget to mention the herbal medicine opening offer in your session.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

*EHTPA:  European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association

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