We all know that homelessness is a problem in the UK – as budgets are shrunken and services cut because of austerity, more and more people are left without options.

Too many people can’t make it to a shelter or get food on a regular basis.

So who helps them? 

Waltham Forest Feet on the Street

Waltham Forest Feet on the Street is a local community-led outreach programme for homeless people in our borough.

Twice a week they distribute food, clothes (and socks, a LOT of socks) to about 20-30 homeless men and women who are, as we speak, sleeping outside in this freezing cold weather.

That’s why this year, just like last year, as part of our Black Friday sale and December-long holiday special we are supporting this group by:

  • donating a portion of sales from our promotion,
  • collecting goods to donate to their guys, and
  • raising awareness in our community so anyone who wants to help them can.

Who They Are

Feet on the Street was started by Mags Drummond – a local East London woman who spends a lot of time helping ‘their guys’, as they call them, get to medical and services appointments (which can be hard, considering most homeless people don’t have watches or smartphones to tell the time).

Charlotte Hagan-Boyle, also East London born and bred (you gotta love East London) got on board about two years ago and they’re the main organisers of the community group, going out in the evening to distribute the food they collect from other generous locals.

What They Do – Homeless Outreach Every Week

Every Tuesday and Thursday from about 7:30 pm, Charlotte and other volunteers run their route, with food, clothes, and other supplies, dropping things off, checking up on their guys.

They’re working towards renting a hall so they can host meals during the week too – that should be updated soon.

A Christmas Dinner is also in the works – so if you join their facebook page (see below) you can stay up to date with what they’re doing and what help they need.

During the day, Mags helps them to get to doctors appointments and benefits appointments as much as she can.

What You Can Do

Charlotte and Mags are always happy to have volunteers to help with outreach.

It doesn’t have to be weekly (I’m seeing if I can find once a month to go out and help).

They also need help collecting donations on ad hoc basis – people with transport are in short supply.

We will be taking in collections for them at our Leyton location (and Angel if it’s not too big for me to take home on the tube) – so you can check the list below and if you have any of those you’d like to get rid of you can bring them to us.

Donating Stuff

Here’s a list of things they regularly need (that you can drop off to us and we’ll get them to them)


clothing/reusable stuff doesn’t need to be new and they avoid taking woolen jackets and duvets as they get too wet after rain

If you’d like to donate any items, you can either get in touch with them directly, or drop them off at your next appointment with us and we’ll arrange to get them to Mags and Charlotte.

Donating Money

Of course, if you’d like to both get some Christmas shopping / take care of yourself AND contribute to FOTS, we’ll be donating a portion of sales from any of our holiday special gift vouchers or other Black Friday weekend offers (details here).

If you’d like to donate more directly, they have a GoFundMe page set up here. 

Get In Touch

If you’d like to stay up to speed with what FOTS are doing, the best way to stay in touch is via their facebook group. 

There you can connect about outreach, whether you’d like to donate, volunteer, or help out with the Christmas meal they’re hoping to donate this year.

If you have any questions about Feet on the Street, you’re welcome to contact them directly, or if you’d like to talk to us about bringing donations to the clinic, you can email [email protected].

Thank you for helping us keep the meaning of the holidays alive.


2 thoughts on “Waltham Forest Feet on the Street – Helping the Homeless

  • 31 July 2019 at 17:24

    A friend of mine has recently been clearing out the property of her late sister-in-law and has put to one side a quantity of toiletries – some have been used slightly.
    Would you have any use for these items?
    I live in South Woodford but work in Waltham Forest so am happy to drop these off somewhere if they are of use.
    Best wishes

    • 9 August 2019 at 09:59

      Hi Kris,

      Thank you so much for your email.

      At the moment the best way to arrange where to drop off items is by contacting Mags or Charlotte directly. They have a Facebook page, where you can contact them to arrange a drop-off. Here’s the link to their page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/651185971671776/ or you can also contact them via email which is: [email protected]. Additionally, there is also the local night shelter.

      If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      Kind regards



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