Early Massage Appointments

Remember when we had early bird sessions at Leyton a couple years ago?

Well, I’m pleased to announce…

They’re back!

But now at Angel, from Monday through Thursday.

We’re initially bringing it back for the next few months to see how it goes, and if it’s as well-received as last time we’ll keep them.

after an early morning run, how about an early morning massage?

You might love an early morning run, or an early morning cycle, or swim, or you may just want to start your day on something that is all about taking care of yourself before you go off taking care of other things for other people.

Early bird sessions are available from 7 am .

To book, just choose a Sports & Remedial massage, at Angel, Kushan for therapist and, choose the early slot that works for you.

How to book:

You can either book in our online booking page or call our booking line 020 8185 7364.

Choose the location (Angel).

Kushan is offering the early bird slots at Angel (you can check out his details on Our Team page here).

If you find it hard to fit a massage in the rest of your day, or you like to go into work with a pre-de-stressed feeling, we look forward to seeing you in our early bird slots.

Click here to go to our online booking page to try out one of our early bird slots.

We look forward to seeing you there… bright eyed and bushy tailed.

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