If you’re reading this post, it should be because you’re looking for more information as to why I’ve decided to stop taking new clients.

(if you were just looking for the online booking for my existing clients, click here)

First, I want to clarify. 

The clinic is still, definitely, taking on new clients. I’m super proud of the therapists who are a part of my team, and we’re looking forward to meeting all the people dusting off their trainers or finally tackling that ache or pain this year.

In fact, we’ve even just opened up a new shift, on Monday nights, Cecile at Leyton, for all your day-after-long-run & Monday at the office aches & pains.

So when I say I’m closing my client list, it is just me that’s not accepting new clients, not the clinic.

What’s Going On?

If you’ve been in to see me in the last 2-3 months, you’ll probably already know why I’ve made the decision, but it really comes down to 2 main points.

First, it’s been getting harder and harder for my existing clients, the ones who I help maintain their life on a work or athletic or managing chronic problems basis, to find slots to come in and see me.

Second, when I have had new clients, it’s often been hard to see them for a timely follow up or series, which means their recovery time will be longer.

I have full confidence in my team to be able to help every new client who walks through our door (or refer them on appropriately, of course), so it will be better for new clients to see a team member who’s more likely to be able to find a follow up slot for them.

Who Do I Refer to?

If you’re one of my regulars with a friend who needs massage, I encourage you to refer to one of the other therapists at the clinic.

They will still get the recommendation discount for you recommending them, and you’ll get the recommendation thank you.

The Exceptions

If, however, you have a friend or family member with a really tricky problem, especially in a case where they’ve already been to a number of practitioners and you feel it’s important they see the most experienced therapist, there may be some exceptions.

Either I’ll see them for an initial consult and pass them on to an appropriate therapist, or, depending on the capacity in my schedule at that time, fit them in to my schedule.

If you or someone you know fits into this category, please send an email to [email protected] with details and we’ll reply accordingly.

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to book with one of the team at the clinic, click here to go to our main online booking page.

If you’d like to book with me, and have the password, click here to go to my online booking page.

If you’re an existing client of mine but don’t have a password, please email us and we’ll send it to you (and kindly ask that you don’t share it!).



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