Thanks for checking out our June news post.

If you’re new here, you probably don’t know that it’s kind of unusual for me to write a whole blog post about our news for the month.

But this month we just have so…. much…. news.

Here are the bullet points:

New Location – Angel

Low Cost Clinic now at Two Locations – Leyton and Angel

New Schedule – see below or click here to see our updated schedule on our Hours/Online Booking page.

New Therapist – Colette at Walthamstow

You can probably imagine – this is how I felt the past few weeks!

June was busy.
if only I had this many hands!

First things first: New Location at Angel!

That’s right.

This month we are excited to announce that we are opening a 3rd location, at the Fitness First in Angel.

Not only are we now on three tube lines (Northern, Central and Victoria), we can now offer a more central location to people who like to visit us but coming out to East London is a bit of a trek.

Our new location is a five minutes walk from Angel station, which also puts us convenient to Kings Cross, Shoreditch, Old Street, and Islington.

First appointments are available this week (Thursday with Cecile at the low cost clinic).

This is our… soft opening. We still have a mirror on order and a couple pictures, but otherwise open for appointments.

We may just decide to do a grand opening event, so watch this space.

New Schedule & New Low Cost Location

Yes, you read that right – now that we have another location at Angel we’ll be offering the Low Cost Clinic at two locations.

Cecile will be at Leyton on Tuesdays and Angel on Thursdays for the rest of the summer.

We have a few other schedule updates – you can click here to see our updated schedule on our Hours/Online Booking page.

New Therapist Colette

(and an easier way to get your insurance to pay for massage)

Some of you may remember Colette from her time with us in the Low Cost Clinic late last year.

She is rejoining us at Walthamstow, mainly on Friday afternoons, plus one Saturday a month and the odd cover shift.

Colette is a fully qualified physiotherapist, is registered with the Health Care Professionals Council and has completed her placement. She will not be offering physio with us, though, as her focus on the moment is on soft tissue and sports massage.

What this does mean, however, is that if you have private health insurance that won’t reimburse for us lowly massage therapists (just kidding of course!), it may reimburse for sports massage from Colette. Most insurance will cover physios providing soft tissue work like massage.

If you have private insurance that would reimburse you for massage therapy from a physio, just ask us for an invoice. It should automatically include everything your insurance wants, but we can always add further details as needed.

New Mini Neck & Shoulder Pain Course Is Here

Over the last few months, following the first release of the free mini neck & shoulder pain course, I’ve been working on updating the series and adding in some new information as well as building on what worked well.

We had such a great response last time – even with just the starter principles we introduced, we had people telling us they had completely fixed their neck & shoulder pain with the free minicourse!

You don't need to be scared of sitting at your desk anymore!
You don’t need to be scared of sitting at your desk anymore!

If you’d like to sign up for it, we’ll be opening up the free minicourse for enrollment this Friday (hit reply if you’d like us to let you know, or watch this space for the signup form later this week).

More about the free course

Over the course of 7 days, this multimedia course (it includes videos!) covers:

  • what you need to know about your neck and shoulder pain
  • why you need to take it seriously now
  • the number one stretch to start with
  • common mistakes so you can avoid them
  • how to make fitting it in automatic
  • the most common myths that may be sabotaging you before you even start.

And yes, after that we’ll be opening up the paid course again, so if you missed out last November and wanted to enrol in the full course, it will be available in the next few weeks as well.

Believe it or not, that’s not all we have brewing for you… (pun intended – you’ll see what I mean next month)

Yes, there will also be the stretching post I promised last month,

Plus we’ll be offering a new, gentle form of reflexology – facial reflexology.

In the meantime, I hope you can stay cool in this boiling weather!

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