Massage After Exhaustive Exercise May Aid Muscle Repair

Massage After Exhaustive Exercise May Aid Muscle Repair

A study at McMasters University in Hamilton, Ontario, indicates that massage helps reduce inflammation and improve recovery of damaged muscle. The study Eleven young men were asked to cycle to the point of exhaustion (where they couldn’t continue), which was established as 70-minutes of vigorous exercise after having had their physical ability assessed two weeks previously. A massage therapist applied oil lightly to both quadriceps of each participant, then massaged only one quadricep on each

Massage and Blood Flow/Post-Exercise Soreness

A recent study performed at the University of Illinois at Chicago has indicated that massage therapy promotes circulation and healing in people with exercise-induced injuries, even improving blood flow in people who hadn’t exercised. The study: A group of sedentary adults (36) were divided into three groups: exercise with massage, exercise only, and massage only. Soreness and vascular response were measured at 90 minutes, 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours after exercise in the

Massage Therapy Research – A Summary

Massage Therapy Research – A Summary

Medicine and healthcare is driven, in large part, by research. Clinical trials give us information to help direct avenues of care, whether it be in medications, rehabilitation programmes, or choices of treatment. For a long time, massage research was scarce and/or hard to come by. Recently, however, more research is being done in this field and we are starting to get more answers as to what effects massage has on the body and where it

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