Waltham Forest Feet on the Street – Helping the Homeless

We all know that homelessness is a problem in the UK – as budgets are shrunken and services cut because of austerity, more and more people are left without options. Too many people can’t make it to a shelter or get food on a regular basis. So who helps them?  Waltham Forest Feet on the Street Waltham Forest Feet on the Street is a local community-led outreach programme for homeless people in our borough. Twice a

Proud Sponsors of… East London Runners ELVIS Race

Proud Sponsors of… East London Runners ELVIS Race

I am so pleased to announce that… we are sponsoring East London Runners’ ELVIS race this year on the 25th September. If you’re like, ‘What’s ELVIS?’ let me tell you… ELVIS stands for East London fiVe Interclub Series, and it’s a series of races in East London and Essex, mostly 5Ks but also a couple of 5 miles. Each race is hosted by a different club in the area. The East London Runners’ race will



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