We have been able to help our clients with a number of symptoms or issues where the cause is wholly or partially related to a soft-tissue (i.e. muscle, fascia) imbalance. For your reference, we’ve included a list of some common complaints we’ve been able to help.

The same symptoms can have different causes, and if we feel there is a component that needs to be seen by another health practitioner we will advise you accordingly. We don’t make diagnoses, and it’s never a bad idea to check with your GP before, during, or after seeing us as they can often rule out or identify other/more serious potential causes.

The following list is by no means exhaustive, so if you have an ache or pain that isn’t listed here you’re welcome to contact us for more information or to speak with a therapist regarding your specific complaint.

Neck-Pain-Croppedneck pain
tension headaches
sleep problems



Shoulder-Cropped-2shoulder pain
rotator cuff issues
upper back pain



Ankle-Croppedtight calfs
achilles problems
plantar fasciitis

Lower-Back-Croppedlower back pain
sciatic pain
hip pain



Knee-Pain-Croppedknee pain
ITB problems
tight hamstrings



Wrist-Croppedwrist pain/RSI
elbow pain
tight forearms


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