Stretching: The Ultimate Guide Pt I

Introduction: Hello! Welcome to our ultimate stretching guide, part I. The whole guide is in 3 parts (because it’s a lot!) and explains the benefits of stretching, when you should stretch, how to stretch, and what mistakes you need to avoid.  This first part is the why and when. When you finish, the link to […]

5 Easy Steps to Effective Stretching (Ultimate Stretching Guide Part II)

Introduction: This is the second in a 3-part series of our ultimate guide to stretching. It takes all the mistakes people commonly make and the things I regularly found people didn’t know about stretching and puts it into one guide. (the original draft was 10 A4 pages long – thus breaking it into a series!).  […]

5 Common Stretching Mistakes You’re Probably Making (Stretching Guide Pt III)

Introduction: This is the last of our 3-part series: Stretching: the Ultimate Guide. Part I describes why you should stretch and when to do it, and Part II tells you exactly how to stretch to get the most benefit.  Part III explains common mistakes most people make when stretching. If you’ve missed Parts I & […]