Good Desk Posture and Help Addressing Imbalances

This month, Morganne is offering free 15-min postural assessments on Monday mornings at Leyton and Friday and Saturday mornings at Walthamstow – click here for more details. Here she talks about why correct posture is important and how a few small changes can go a long way to reducing some common complaints, along with some easy […]

Free 15-min Postural Assessments in November

What Free 15-min postural assessments with Morganne in November When 8:30-14:30 Monday at Leyton 9:00-13:00 Friday/Saturday at Walthamstow How to Book Online: Choose either ‘Postural Assessment’ or ‘Posture Assessment with 45-minute Treatment’ Phone: Call 020 8185 7364 and ask for the postural assessment with Morganne Book a free 15-minute postural assessment with Morganne to look at […]

The Things You May Not Know about Stress

National Stress Awareness Day is 5 November Question: Are you aware of your stress? Do you know if you are or aren’t? Do you know what stress does to your body & brain? Do you have a plan to become de-stressed? Today we’ll talk about: Stress Awareness That’s right – being aware of your stress, […]