£10 Mini Session

When you have a disappointing experience with a massage therapist, it’s rarely that the therapist is a bad person, or even a bad therapist. 

It’s usually that they didn’t listen to what you wanted, didn’t work in the style or depth of pressure that you like, or any number of small things that while not major, can leave you feeling unhappy with your experience

One (or two) bad experience(s) can make you hesitant to try a new therapist or a new clinic.

At LSM we understand this hesitation. 

It may be because I’m a massage therapist so I throw other therapists off, but I’ve had more than my fair share and I know how frustrating they are. 

You don’t want to waste your money, or, what sometimes can feel even worse, is when you have wasted your time. 

You may read our website and feel like we’re the right place for you, but you’re worried. 

You’ve seen other good websites before that didn’t deliver what they promised. 

So, instead of booking a full session, you close the window and promise yourself to think about it and come back later. 

This is why we created our £10 mini-session. 

If feeling nervous about booking a full session to see a therapist and/or go to a clinic you’ve never been to before, here’s your chance to test us out with minimal time and money commitment. 

What is the £10 mini-session?

It is exactly what it sounds like: a £10 session that squishes everything we do in a full session into about 10 minutes. 

The therapist will:

  • ask you your goal for the mini session
  • do a quick posture & movement assessment
  • work very specifically (and quickly) on one or two areas related to your goal
  • explain what they’re doing as they work
  • re-test at the end and recommend a postural adjustment or some self-care to take home. 

You won’t have a massive difference in just 10 minutes, but you should feel some improvement, and you’ll have a clear picture of what a full session would be like. 

How to book a mini-session:

If you like the idea of trying something shorter and less expensive, here’s how to book our mini-session.

Unlike our full sessions, the £10 mini-session has to be paid for within the same hour as being booked. 

(see below for details as to why we do this) 

You can either pay for your session first by clicking here or on the ‘pay for your mini-session’ graphic, and then book your 10 minute session


You can click here to book the mini-session in our online booking and then come back here to pay for it to reserve your slot. 

After you book, you’ll get a receipt for your payment (which is refundable if you give at least 24 hours notice of cancelling or rescheduling your mini-session), and a booking confirmation from us with all the details. 

(side note: make sure you a) get your booking confirmation and b) that all the details are correct for you as that’s what we have in our system) 

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

*why we require payment – years ago we offered free consultations for people. 50% of the time, people would book these free 15 minute consultations, and then not show up, probably because it was such a short period of time and they’d changed their mind. Thus, with the mini session, we take the payment before which we find reduces the number of no-shows we get, and then even if we do get a no-show, the therapist can be paid for their time. 

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